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Thank you for your interest in our Forest and Folklore beginner-friendly program inside Subic Bay Freeport. 

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Sustainable Torism

What we can see in the forest?

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Water Vines

Drink fresh forest water from vines around you.

Rattan Heart

Rattan is known for its use in furniture and textiles, but what most don't know Is that you can eat it just like bamboo.

Tibig Fruit

This is a Filipino fig tree. The fruit is either green or red. These are edible and can be turned into jams.

Pingol Bato

This is a small leaf that is edible and grows by the stream. You can eat it fresh from the ground! Its a bit sour.


We only allow a maximum of 9 people per group to ensure proper spacing. If your group is bigger than 9, we will split you up into 2 smaller groups.

  • Local guide

  • Digital story telling - access to special video story of the area

  • Forest maintenance fees

  • Trek through the forest

    • 60 minute trek or 20-min beginner-friendly version + bamboo area+ giant trees (dipterocarps) + falls + snacks

  • Learn about forest edibles​

  • Waterfalls visit

  • Balboo walking stick

  • Visit agro-forest farm

  • Meet Aeta community members

  • Optional Add On: Plant a fruit or forest tree in the Zambales (Aetas) or Rizal (Dumagat) forest to help build a more sustainable future and provide security and livelihood for the community.


EK GOPR6464 falls.jpg


    Arrival and briefing

   Start trek up to Mabana area.
   On the way  - eat bilukaw, rattan, and water vine.
   Take pictures with giant trees, bamboo grove, etc.
   Learn about nature.

   Arrival at El Kabayo falls - Swim!

   Walk back to the entrance - Drop by a fruit orchard.

   Snacks - Organic hot tea or aeta coffee + fruits or
   Root crop of the season prepared in the local tradition.


Please email the following information to This is very important so we can send guidelines to everyone, and so that we can prepare for children or adults.

  • Name of all the guests, age and email addresses

  • Contact person and number of the group

  • Allergies of any guest

  • Food preferences of any guest (vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, etc)

  • Injuries or physical limitation of any guest - PWD, broken bones, severe sprain, etc.

"Travel has the potential to change perspectives and inspire us to build a kind and fairer world"

- Make a Difference Travel

The Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic Bay

Our Story

The foundation was built out of the passion to help the people around us and be a movement for change for a great future. 

Ecotours in Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Sustainable Tourism

To develop an environmentally and socially responsible ecotourism program that safeguards the integrity and diversity of its natural resources, provides education and enjoyment to visitors as well as employment opportunities to the local communities.

Volunteers from the Lighthouse Legacy Foundation

Movement for Change

Tourism without environmental preservation and protection is not sustainable.

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