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Tourism without environmental preservation and protection is not sustainable.

Sustainable Torism

Being in the tourism industry made us appreciate more the beauty of our natural environment.


Ecotourism plays an important role in creating awareness and encouraging people to take action in protecting our environment by allowing them to experience the beauty of nature.


As one of the best ecotourism destinations in the country, our ability to help preserve the ecological balance of a growing economic zone is further strengthened by our commitment to Ecotourism. 

However, like other forms of development, tourism has its share of problems and one of them is ecological degradation.

"Travel has the potential to change perspectives and inspire us to build a kind and fairer world"

- Make a Difference Travel


There is a need for an approach to ecotourism which starts from the needs and welfare of the local community and especially the indigenous people in the area who are most vulnerable to cultural disruption and environmental degradation.

We partner with communities for adventure & educational tourism that brings immediate income inside the ancestral domain of the local indigenous people and teach sustainable development goals and reinforce environmental protection. 

The Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic Bay

Our Story

The foundation was built out of the passion to help the people around us and be a movement for change for a great future. 

Ecotours in Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Sustainable Tourism

To develop an environmentally and socially responsible ecotourism program that safeguards the integrity and diversity of its natural resources, provides education and enjoyment to visitors as well as employment opportunities to the local communities.

Volunteers from the Lighthouse Legacy Foundation

Movement for Change

Tourism without environmental preservation and protection is not sustainable.

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