International Coastal Cleanup Philippines

The campaign aims to unite industry, science, and nonprofit leaders that share a common goal for a healthy ocean free of trash by understanding how materials enter our ocean and identifying cost-effective strategies to confront plastic pollution on a global scale.

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ICC Page Trash

The ever-increasing amount of trash, plastics in particular have produced nothing less than a global crisis to the health of our waters, marine wildlife, human health and safety and economies of many nations.

Fortunately, this is one environmental issue that can be addressed by tackling trash at the source before it has a chance to reach the water and by changing the behaviors that allow trash into the water in the first place.

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The program helps us identify the type, amount and sources of debris that has accumulated in a particular site. The data collected will help inform/ influence policy-makers to create sound solutions to the marine debris problem.

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Download our Clean Swell app and document the trash you collect around the clock or start your own cleanup in your community.

Our foundation aims to support a change in policies, business practices, and consumer behavior towards a more sustainable community that can contribute effectively to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Encourage responsible guardianship of the sea, highlight our underwater cultural heritage and promote a more environment-friendly lifestyle and .

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Unite all concerned citizens towards finding a solution to preserving and protecting our ocean. 


The ripple effect of this wave of change is seen in numbers, but our goal doesn’t stop there! Our commitment to purpose and sustainability aims to create programs that ignite change.

​While beach cleanups alone can’t solve the ocean trash problem, having allies like you helping us in the fight against marine debris plays an integral piece to the overall SOLUTION.


Be a Volunteer Site Captain

We need your help to solve this problem. ​Want to start your own cleanup. Get started here.

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Be a Corporate Sponsor

Help us achieve our goal of cleaner ocean by helping us achieve yours. Our effectiveness depends on successful collaboration.

The Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic Bay

Our Story

The foundation was built out of the passion to help the people around us and be a movement for change for a great future. 

Ecotours in Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Sustainable Tourism

To develop an environmentally and socially responsible ecotourism program that safeguards the integrity and diversity of its natural resources, provides education and enjoyment to visitors as well as employment opportunities to the local communities.

Movement for Change

Tourism without environmental preservation and protection is not sustainable.