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How Mother Nature taught us how to grow under pressure?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

The answer lies 1,000 ft deep in the ocean, a squid that has external shells called a "chambered nautilus". It grows under deep-sea pressure. If you look at the spiral shape of a chambered nautilus, how it rebuilds itself where its previous structure will support the next.

The shell spirals outward from the center in a beautiful, ever-widening curve. The nautilus has what artists call proportion - a pleasing balance between all parts of an object or image.

Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, an entrepreneur, and business executive co-founded and leads MicroStrategy, a company that provides business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services, compared this creature to how tech companies work. [watch interview]

" have to always grow, you can't abandon what you have done, and neither can you stop growing. You have to move forward and take risks," said Saylor when explaining how tech companies work. "It is a dynamic dance between respect of the past and the opportunity and challenge in the future," Saylor added.

Each and every one of us has probably encountered some sort of extreme pressure at some point in our lives most especially during this pandemic. Maybe we can apply what we have learned from the chambered nautilus on how we will move forward with our lives.

Let us never stop rebuilding, but never abandon what we have done, we are passionate for (because this is what will keep us going when the going gets tough), always keep moving forward, and take risks, and learn from our mistakes.

As we look at the major challenges that our environment is facing such as plastic waste and climate change these are complex global problems that will require many years of effort, collaboration, and learnings. Definitely, technology will play an important role in solving these problems. We need to keep evolving and finding solutions that will lead us to a sustainable world. Because life should continue long after we are gone.

Officers and members of the Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Materials Sustainability (PARMS) including Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, and Nestle signed a pledge wall to symbolize their commitment to protect and preserve our environment during the ICCPH Environmental Summit held at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center.

(L-R Ana Legarda, P&G Head of Communications; Ed Sunico, VP for Sustainable Business, Unilever Phil.; Jonah Lumen-Pernia, Director of Public Affairs, Coca-Cola Phils.; Crispian Lao, President of PARMS, Senator Cynthia Villar, Jess Reyes, VP for Corporate Affairs, Nestle Philips; Bert Guevara, VP of PARMS)


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