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Journey Towards Zero Waste

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

In our efforts to improve the waste management program of the Freeport, we, together with the dedicated team from the Ecology, Maintenance and Transportation Departments of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority went to visit this multi-awarded municipality located in the Province of Rizal to take a closer look on how they are able to properly manage their waste. Our trip to the Municipality of Teresa was a truly a great learning experience.

Many years ago, solid waste management was virtually nonexistent in this miniscule town of 60,000 population. Today, it is visited by domestic and foreign tourist, local officials, students, and other interested groups for education purposes and possible replication of their award winning integrated solid waste recovery facility.

“Social Transformation is the key to a successful waste management and this can only been done through information and education,” according to Engr. Marlon Pielago, head of the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources. “Don’t ever get tired of teaching people because the problem of trash is all about changing people’s behaviour.” He added.

After an hour of private session with Engr. Pielago, we were toured around their 9,000 sqm Material Recovery Facility which produces paper charcoals, coconets & ropes, organic fertilizer, and paving & hallow blocks. This facility is responsible for generating more than 800,000 Pesos income for the municipality, creating livelihood for its local residents and diverting almost 200 tonnes of residual trash from going to the landfill.

This is just the start of our journey towards a greener Subic Bay. Thank you to the Municipality of Teresa and to Engr. Pielago for taking time in their busy schedule to accommodate us.

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