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The Lighthouse Legacy Foundation is partnering with local Aeta communities for adventure & educational tourism that brings immediate income inside their ancestral domain and teach sustainable development goals as well as reinforce environmental protection.


These amazing indigenous people have survived for 30,000 years and endured much hardship. They live in the mountains close to nature and depend on a timely climate to regulate the growing of their crops. They know and feel the effects of global warming. The rise in global temperatures caused by man-made pollution and greenhouse gases is directly impacting the indigenous people before all others.


The Aetas have survived on medicinal plants and eating only organic food. Everything is natural and organic as that is their culture and lifestyle from time immemorial.


The health benefits of honey include:


  • Facial Skin Care, Exfoliant & Acne Cure
  • Prevents Cancer & Heart Disease
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal
  • Antioxidant & Blocks Free Radicals
  • Heals Wound, Ulcer & Skin Infections
  • Energy & Immune Booster
  • High Nutritional Benefit


Honey gathering remains to be the top source of non-timber forest income for the Aytas and is harvested during the dry season when the flowers are in bloom and honey production is at its peak. (January to May)


The world culture has much to learn about sustainability, conservation, environmental ethics, and genuine concern for future generations from indigenous peoples and their primitive bonds with the land, water, and wildlife of their ancestral realms as well as considerable ecological knowledge, particularly, a blueprint to the planet's biological diversity on which all life depends.


Please support our local Aeta farmers who have learned the secrets of the natural world and had mastered living purely with nature. It is this inherent bond of the Aetas with the environment that kept the remaining forests in the region intact.


Produce by the Aetas of Pastolan in Subic Bay Freeport Zone.


Distributed by the Lighthouse Marina Resort Legacy Foundation in partnership with the Subic Indigenous People Assistance Group (SIPAG)

Wild Honey of the Pastolan Aeta Farmers (1 liter)

SKU: 15
  • Store at room temperature. Do not refrigerate. Color may vary depending on the nectar source of honey bees.

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