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Charting a Sustainable Course: The BPI Subic Bay Regatta & Sustainability Talks

🌊🚤 Ahoy, Sailors and Sustainability Enthusiasts! 🌱🎤

The horizon of Subic Bay is set to dazzle once more as it reclaims its title as the premier yacht racing destination in the Philippines with the BPI Subic Bay Regatta, the culmination o the BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series. Beyond the competitive spirit and the thrilling sail chases, this event, happening from April 4-6, promises a deeper journey—one that navigates the currents of environmental sustainability, innovation, and community empowerment.

The Lighthouse Legacy Foundation, in its commitment to a greener, more sustainable future, is thrilled to add a profound dimension to the Regatta through a series of Sustainability Talks. These sessions are designed to illuminate the path toward environmental stewardship, echoing the pioneering spirit of the late Captain Marty Rijkuris and the vibrant global sailing community.

A Convergence of Visionaries

The Regatta is not merely a celebration of maritime heritage and elite sailing. It stands as a testament to the possibilities that unfold when environmental advocacy merges with the power of community and innovation. To this end, the Sustainability Talks will feature an impressive lineup of speakers who are at the helm of steering our society toward a greener horizon:

April 4:

  • Raf Dionisio of MAD Travel shares "Empowering Communities through Social Entrepreneurship: Building Sustainable Ecosystems."

  • Irene Villaespin, Founder of Eco Shift, on "Shifting Paradigms: Leading the Charge Towards a Plastic-Free Lifestyle."

  • Nikki Sevilla of EcoNest unveils "Innovating for the Earth: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions."

April 5:

  • Jonathan Co discusses "Transforming Plastic Waste into Sustainable Solutions" with Sentinel Upcycling Technologies.

  • Rina Papio of Green Space explores "From Waste to Wealth: Regenerating Our Planet with Composting Innovations."

  • Jesse Collver of Maharlika Carbon addresses "The Philippines' Journey to Net Zero."

April 6:

  • Jo Ann Eala reveals "Responsible Banking: BPI’s Unique Sustainability Formula."

  • Eva Lisa Adoremos introduces "SBMA - Pioneering the Philippines' First Carbon Neutral Economic Zone."

  • Donn Quintos from Alon and Araw Club on "Cultivating Community: Grassroots Movements for Sustainable Change."

  • John Ricky Asuncion, a member of WWF-Philippines National Youth Council, on "YOUth in Action: Leading Conservation Initiatives for a Sustainable Future."

Setting Sail for Sustainability

As we embark on this collective voyage towards a sustainable future, we invite you to join us in crafting a dynamic tomorrow. The Sustainability Talks reflect a shared commitment to promoting responsible tourism, environmental conservation, and recognizing our invaluable role in shaping our future.

The BPI Subic Bay Regatta, with the wind in its sails, is more than a race; it's a movement. A movement that sails beyond the traditional bounds of yacht racing to champion the cause of the environment and our communities.

Catch the BPI Subic Regatta following the China Sea Race on April 3 - 6! Together, let's celebrate the spirit of sailing intertwined with the essence of environmental stewardship, fostering a legacy of sustainability for generations to come. 🌊🌿

Join us as we navigate through uncharted waters, propelled by the winds of sustainability, innovation, and community action. Together, let's set sail towards a vibrant and more sustainable future. 🌏💫

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