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Connect with Nature and get M.A.D. (Make A Difference)!

Our Partnership with MAD Travel was all about connecting people with nature. Issues such as climate change, food security, lack of water, lack of livelihood to name a few, are issues that may be related to our disconnection with the environment.

MAD Travel has been bringing more than 4,000 tourists since they first opened back in 2015. Five years later, despite all the challenges of operating such a unique and noble business concept, the group continues to give a glimpse of a hopeful future through an intimate environmental experience that provides livelihood to this small Aeta community in Zambales.

However the growth is not just seen in the number of people or tours MAD Travel has conducted, but also the number of trees and the height of these trees that provide shade to us as we begin to set a record of planting 5,000 trees in one day to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of this thriving social enterprise.

This tour is a compilation of a lot of people’s hopes and dreams. All of these will not be possible without collaboration with different organizations as well as the support of the local government and most of all the community itself. We share all the success to everyone who have supported us in any way,” said Raf Dionisio, co-founder of MAD Travel.

As they continue to expand to other areas in the country, they use all the learning they encountered in their journey to improve their programs. “We choose our locations not just for its beauty, but also how our relationship with the community has evolved. It’s not just about us choosing the community, but most of all, the community must choose us,” he added.

It was an amazing experience to see this group of dedicated young individuals who are doing their part to lead our country to a more sustainable future. The Lighthouse Marina Resort Legacy Foundation would like to wish MAD Travel more success and Happy 5th Year Anniversary!

Tribes and Treks Zambales is a program by the Circle Hostel and operated by MAD Travel. MAD travel also has Forest and Folklore on Bataan and Hikes and Harmony in Rizal. For more information please visit

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