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Filipinos can be the best in the world! Nothing is impossible!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Today as we bring honor to the very first Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz after clinching the country's first-ever Olympic gold during the Tokyo 2020 in the women's weightlifting category, we would also like to acknowledge people like "Tita Princess" who for the longest time has carried the responsibility of protecting our seas from the threat of plastics in our reefs which most often than not involves carrying sacks of these plastics.

@pureoceansphilippines, posted this post to give honor to people like Tita Princess who remains committed and will sacrifice everything to what they believe in.

The post also said, "Most of the time, Tita Princess' work is about bringing her community towards a way of living that respects and actively protects marine life. Sometimes that means showing people that you are willing to bear the weight of that responsibility. Commitment yun, sakripisyo, taken up only by the few people who care enough about something. Mabuhay kayo na mga nag-aangat sa Pilipinas."

Hidilyn's path to gold was very challenging, but through determination, hard work, and a lot of sacrifices, she was able to pull through. However, it was the support of the people around her that also made a difference. " lahat ng sumuporta sa akin, thank you so much for believing in me during the times na gusto ko na sumuko dahil sa dami ng pagsubok na pinagdadaanan."

We hope this will inspire us Filipinos to never give up. Kaya natin mga Pinoy!


The Tokyo 2020 Medal Project collected mobile phones and electronic devices across Japan from April 2017-March 2019 to craft the medals. Over 78 tons of devices were collected to come up with approximately 71 pounds of gold, 7,700 pounds of silver and 4,850 pounds of bronze.

The hands of Hidilyn Diaz holding the first ever Olympic gold medal for the Philippines

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