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The 9th Southeast Asian Human Rights and Business Conference held in Subic Bay, Philippines

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

On October 28-30th, the Lighthouse Marina Resort Legacy Foundation in partnership with the Subic Indigenous People Assistance Group (SIPAG) are hosting the The 9th Southeast Asian Human Rights and Business Conference where we will have a chance to connect and learn from very important delegates from countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and our own country, The Philippines, members of the South East Asia National Human Rights Institute Forum (SEANF).

Kuya Berto, one of Kanawan’s forest rangers (PAFID)

The Forest People’s Programme’s aim, together with the Commission on Human Rights in the Philippines, the Philippine Association for Intercultural Development is to ensure that the land-based projects respect human rights through awareness-raising, standard review, and framework reform.

This year, the conference will be discussing on Land Conflict as a consequence of renewable projects such as solar and wind farms, hydropower and agro-commodity farming for use in biofuel production. Moreover, there will also be a discussion on gender-related impacts of land struggles and also about special economic zones.

The participants of the conference are also invited to visit the neighboring villages of the Kanawan and Postolan tribes where they may experience and be aware of the pressing needs of our tribes.

Committed to protecting the environment and its guardians

The Lighthouse Legacy Foundation look forward to this conference and know more to implement strategies that would help better our Aetas without being exploited as we are committed to protecting the environment and its guardians. We, from the very beginning, make sure that our partnerships and programs do not harm the Indigenous people as well as their culture. We are here to help take care of our environment and its inhabitants.

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