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Ecowarriors of Zambales Connect at Environmental Conference to Protect Forests and Oceans

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

(Iba, Zambales - November 26, 2022) -- t was a great day to connect with the ecowarriors of Zambales in the first-ever environmental conference of the Zambales Environmental Defense Advocates Association Inc. (ZEDAA), led by chairperson, Mr. Philip Camara, former undersecretary of the DENR and Director of SBMA, but it was also bittersweet to be hit with new, unsettling information about how we are losing more of our ecosystem, both in our forests and along our coastline.

However, this gathering allows all of us to connect and do something about it. Together, we can bring about change, continue to educate people, empower our communities to safeguard our forests and oceans, and care for and restore what Mother Nature has given us.

Atty. Sarge Sarmiento, who came from the UK to attend the event and talk about Environmental Laws and Legal Action, indicated his commitment to helping our cause protect the lands and coastline of Zambales, just like he has in other parts of our country.

The event brought together environmentalists, conservationists, and locals who shared care for the natural world and communities. Academics were also there, bringing with them information that may be valuable in our attempts to build a more sustainable future. In addition, there were volunteers willing to serve in any manner they could and to empower themselves for future recovery.

We all need to start moving before nothing is left of our planet, our continent, our country, and our region. Weather patterns have changed noticeably, the landscape in Zambales has changed significantly, and the temperature has risen, both on our waters and inland, and air and water quality has gotten poor. What other reason do we all have not to make a change and start rehabilitating our ridges and reefs? Mother Nature is crying out loud for us to love her and care for her. We only have one planet; let us look after it well from now on before its destruction destroys us all.

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