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ICCPH Environmental Summit goes to Visayas!

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

What started as a supplement of ICC Zambales in 2014 has now reached the shores of Lapu-Lapu in Cebu through the efforts of our partners in the Visayas Region, the Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities (SEED4COM) headed by Dann Diez.

Dann Diez is a climate justice activist, his passion for people and planet brought him to help and mobilize eco-actions in the island communities. His training, experience and global involvement in social enterprise and sustainable development made a mark because of his dedicated commitment in sharing this to the grassroots communities. He also founded the Let's Do It Philippines (LDI PH), a worldwide mass movement that is also conducting an international cleanup.

DANN DIEZ MOU Signing of LDIPH and ICCPH last June 10, 2016 held at the DENR Office with the Director of National Solid Waste Management Council Mr. Eli Ildefonso (Far left). This aims to help strengthen the ICC Campaign in the Visayas region. Mr. Dann Diez is representing LDI PH and also the founder of Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities (SEED4COM) that is based in Cebu and Zed Avecilla representing ICCPH who is the Executive Director of Lighthouse Marina Resort Legacy Foundation that is based in Subic Bay.

In 2016, LDI PH, signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Lighthouse Legacy Foundation, the main proponent of the ICCPH, that allows the collaboration of the two campaigns with the objective to clean up waste, unify global nation, and have a clean and healthy planet. Both of these organizations have similar tactics towards engaging people for them to act together and make a change.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

"We have been working with Dann for the last four years and we truly admire his determination and perseverance in protecting our environment. It is truly an honor to bring this campaign to Cebu and work side-by-side with our partners who continue to support us in our advocacy." said Zed Avecilla, Executive Director of Lighthouse Legacy Foundation and Area Coordinator for ICC Zambales.

The trash will keep coming no matter how much we clean. The root of the problem is people's behavior and this is why the our ICC campaign since then has evolved and has become a platform for collaboration and a source of inspiration that has brought together passionate ocean lovers and help them contribute to a vision for trash-free seas.

The focus of the ICCPH Environmental Summit is about inspiring and empowering our next generation youth to be the next leaders of the future and uniting its community towards a trash free seas.

Similar to last year's summit held in here in Subic Bay Freeport, the event was composed of three main activities:

  1. SK Empowerment Training Camp - Tapping the high potential youths (Sanguniang Kabataan) and provide them the skills and tools they need to come up with viable solutions for pressing environmental issues.

  2. Eco-Fair - A number of exhibitors were invited to display innovative and efficient recycling solutions, eco-friendly products and promote their advocacies related to environmental sustainability.

  3. Environmental Symposium - an open communication between the community, its local government, private businesses, residents and schools to come together and find ways to discuss solutions for our trash problem.

This event is presented by Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities (SEED4COM) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region 7; Co-presented by Cebu Pacific Airlines, Coca-Cola Philippines, Local Government of Lapu-lapu, Local Government of Cordova; Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) of Lapu-lapu City and Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort; Sponsored by Oceana Philippines, JCI Makati, HP Ventures Inc., Kiwanis Division 1A, Jets Power Movers Services & Trading Inc., Peoples Jeep, BCY Travel and Tours, Bubble Tea, Zigalnor Wooden Handicrafts Inc., Sebastian Hotel, Topsilog District, Three H Redwood Academy, ARN Central Waste Management Incorporated, RLAF Training Group & Services and WeGen Philippines; Supported by International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (Iyfr PhilFleet), Coalition for Better Education, Balangay Marina Sailing and Yacht Club (BMSYC), SAGS Subic Sailing Club, National Coast Watch Council Secretariat (NCWCS), Department of Transportation, Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Tourism (DOT) Region 7, Department of Education (DepEd), WWF Philippines, St. James Academy of Skills & Technology Inc., Pusyon Kinaiyahan, PhilAsia Marine, Lions Club Magellan, JVZEA Pharmaceuticals.

This event is organized by the Lighthouse Marina Resort Legacy Foundation, Philippine Marine Environment Protection Association Inc., Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA), and Lara At Juan Media.

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