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Reimagine Recycling: A Forum for the Future

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Last November 25-26, the Lighthouse Legacy Foundation was invited to participate in a 2-day forum entitled “Reimagine Recycling: A Forum for the Future” organized by Save Philippine Seas in partnership with Coca-Cola Philippines which aims to enhance and strengthen the waste value chain in the Philippines by identifying efforts and gaps, building and nurturing network among different sectors and identifying areas of collaboration.

The Lighthouse Marina Resort Legacy Foundation is under Behavior Change and Awareness

According to Ocean Conservancy, every year, approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean from land as a result of mismanaged material streams—an excess of non-recyclable plastics, a lack of waste collection, or limits in waste infrastructure like landfills and recycling facilities. Plastic impacts more than 800 marine species and has been documented everywhere from the deepest ocean trenches to Arctic ice. 

An issue of this size and scale requires bringing people together from various sectors and this is what Coca-Cola Philippines did in their efforts to achieve their vision of a World Without Waste. Through the years, our quest to build a sustainable mindset & culture has connected us to like-minded individuals and I was glad to see some familiar faces in the room.

We join representatives from other non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and academies not just with great ideas on how to help solve our waste management problem but most of all, the heart and determination that goes with it.

Coca-Cola Philippines launched the World Without Waste (WWW) during the 2018 International Coastal Cleanup Environmental Summit held in Subic Bay, Philippines. The WWW campaign aims to collect and recycle a bottle or can for everyone that Coca-Cola sells by 2030. Moreover, to close the loop on its packaging system, Coca-Cola will build a 1-B food-grade recycling facility here in the Philippines by next year. It is nice to see a company of this size puts their money where their mouth is. We are happy to be part of their journey towards sustainability and grateful for allowing us to be part of it. We Look forward to working together to turn this vision of a world without waste into a reality. 

Some of the organizations involved in this workshops were:

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