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Single Use Criminals (A Campaign Against Plastic Pollution)

You may be unaware that you are an accomplice. Find out who these criminals are! Hundreds of innocent victims.Felonies that affect future generations. Perpetrators hiding in plain sight. Meet the #SingleUseCriminals, a gang of seemingly innocent but totally deadly villains, out to destroy the world one crime at a time. Are YOU an oblivious accessory to their crimes? Watch this video to find out.

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Philippines is a volunteer group that promotes the protection of the country's coasts and waterways. It aims to inspire changes in behaviour that will result in trash-free seas.

Team VCS partnered with ICC for the #SingleUseCriminals campaign. We wanted to create awareness on how single-use plastic items wreak havoc in the environment. Each item’s life span is also highlighted, to encourage responsible lifestyle changes among the audience. With this campaign, we hope to inspire a #seaofchange that will result in clean seas, flood-free cities, and a healthy environment that will benefit not just this generation, but those to come. #SingleUseCriminals was first presented at the ICC Summit, held on September 27-28, 2018 in Subic, Zambales. Created and Produced by Vitalstrats Creative Solutions in partnership with Lighthouse Legacy Foundation Executive Producers: Amrei Dizon and Teejai Joson Creative Director: Em Rint Diaz Art Director: Jan Agulto Scriptwriter: Marie Peralta Illustrators: Daniel Patrick Zamora and Anna Marie Rodriguez Animators: Rachelle Anne Cayas and Charl Jan Fernandez Sound Design: Kenneth Amparo

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